Mindhunter and the Olof Palme murder case

TV-viewers of Mindhunter on the Netflix Channel, know the character Bill Trench played by Holt McCallany.

But fewer knows, that the character behind Bill Trench is the FBI-agent Robert Ressler, who was a former colonel in The US military Police Corps.

He played a major role, when the serial killer Ted Bundy was arrested and later convicted.

And probably no one knows, that Robert Ressler was a consult for a Swedish Parliamentary Commission, which aim was to look over how the Swedish police had managed the investigation of Prime minister Olof

“Olof Palmes murderer was not a professional…”

The Parliamentary Commission published it’s work in 1999, and here anyone could read Robert Ressler’s view on the murder case:

“A .347 magnum revolver with a six thumbs barrel is totally out of context of anything an organized group would use. It indicates an amateur.”

One of the reasons was the noise such a weapon makes. It draws attention to the murder place – and actually it really did! 14 witness were soon at the spot.

He then explains, that a professional would use a smaller pistol with a muffler.

One shot at the body…

Ressler also argued, that it was not professional to fire only one shot at the body.

He shares opinion with the Danish resistance movement in WW2.

They killed around 400 Gestapo-informers, and they always ended with one or more bullets against the victim’s head.

They called it “to puncture the informer”.

To shot towards Lisbeth Palme

The murderer also shot one bullet against Lisbeth Palme. It gave her a minor injury:

“It had been easy to kill her, and from his point of view she was a main witness. But a disorganized killer is only concentrated on his main issue. At that point he had kind of blown his bubble.”

The crime scene

“The crime scene was from a professional killer a bad place to be chosen, because it was not a place he controlled.”

Swedish press and the FBI

How did the Swedish press react to Robert Ressler’s information? With total silence.

And why? Because we in Sweden are cleverer than anybody else. Even the FBI…

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