Leif GW Persson ’Political Murders’

On the 25th anniversary of the murder of Olof Palme the Professor in Criminology Leif GW Persson told the Danish newspaper Politiken: “Political persons like Olof Palme is almost always killed for political reasons”.  The newspaper did not question any of his statements.

Anna Lindh

Anna Lindh

Is Leif GW Persson right? Judge for yourself:

1)      The Swedish Minister of Foreign affairs Anna Lindh was murdered in 2003. The killer was a mentally ill person Mijailo Mijailovic.

2)      The mentally ill David Kang tried to murder Great Britain’s Prince Charles in 1994.

3)      In 1990 the mentally ill Adelheid Striedel tried to murder the German top politician Oscar la Fontaine.

4)      Six months later the respected German CDU politician Wolfgang Schäuble experienced the same: The mentally ill Dieter Kaufmann shot him twice with a Smith & Wesson calibre .38 revolver. He would never be able to walk again.

Robert DeNiro i Taxi Driver

John Hinckley was obsessed with the movie Taxi Driver.

5)      John Hinckley tried to kill Ronald Reagan in 1981. He was obsessed with the movie Taxi Driver which he saw 15 times in a row. He had been tailing Jimmy Carter for a longer period prior to this incident. This ended when he was arrested for illegal weapons possession in Nashville Airport, Tennessee. Jimmy Carter was going t arrive a few hours later.

6)      Arthur Bremer fired five shots against Alabama’s Governor George Wallace in 1972. Bremer was a lonely weirdo. In his diary he wrote that he wanted to kill either President Nixon or Governor Wallace. A month prior to the attempted assassination he tried to kill Nixon in Ottawa, Canada. He did not succeed since he couldn’t get close enough. Arthur Bremer was the ‘role model’ of John Hinckley.

You could call the partners Persson & Politiken the Dupond & Dupont of conspiracy theories. They did not comprehend that in a world where electronic media is taking up more and more space, celebrities first and foremost are in danger of getting killed by crazy individuals.

If it in fact has to do with “political reasons” the term would have to get much broader.

John Lennon

John Lennon

This is also the reason why the conspiracy duo Dupond & Dupont fail to comprehend that John Lennon was murdered by the mentally ill person Mark Chapaman in 1980. He could be added the list since he was famous.

The same can be said about Andy Warhol who almost got killed by the mentally ill Valerie Solanas in 1968.

George Harrison from Beatles was also close to share the same faith as John Lennon.

George Harrisons fru Olivia slog til Michael Abram med spisens eldgaffel

Mrs Harrison hit Michael Abram with a sharp mental object from the fireplace.

In December 1999 the mentally ill Michael Abram sneaked into the home of the Harrisons and attacked George Harrison with a kitchen knife. His lung punctured and if it wasn’t for Olivia Harrison, who hit Abram several times in the head, George most likely would have died.

Christer Andersson differs a bit from the above mentioned assassins even though he also was a loner. He had a personal motive to kill Palme: money. If he was the killer you can compare him with Sirhan Sirhan who killed Robert Kennedy in 1968. Sirhan was a Christian Arabic nationalist who was mad at Kennedy due to his policy regarding Israel.

Sirhan also acted alone.

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