Netflix and the Olof Palme murder case: Antisemitism version 3.0?

By PAUL SMITH In a former section of the Netflix-serie about the Olof Palme murder case vi saw how the American weapon-collector – and married to af Swedish woman – is handing over his revolver to Stig Engström. His purpose was, that Stig Engström later on shall “kill Olof Palme”. The real name of the… Läs mer

Netflix, Stig Engström and the Olof Palme Murder-case

By PAUL SMITH Netflix has produced a tv-movie about the murder case. It was made public the 3. of November 2021. Here the so called ‘Skandia Man’ is pointed out as the killer. The nick name ‘Skandia Man’ is referring to the fact, that he worked for an advertising firm in the very great ‘Skandia… Läs mer

‘Mind Hunter’ and the Olof Palme murder case

By PAUL SMITH TV-viewers of ‘Mind Hunter’ on the Netflix Channel, know the character Bill Trench played by Holt McCallany. But fewer knows, that the character behind Bill Trench is the FBI-agent Robert Ressler, who was a former colonel in The US military Police Corps. He played a major role, when the serial killer Ted… Läs mer