James W. Clarkes opinion


James W. Clarke

Professor James W. Clarkes opinion concerning Olof Palmes murderer:

“Dear Mr. Smith,

I just re-read my report, just mailed, the first time since it was written in 1998.  You and I agree, the assassin was an ultimately a suicidal Type II subject with some Type III characteristics.  It does seem to me that Christer Andersson was almost certainly the assassin.

Sincerely, James W. Clarke”

In connection with The Olof Palme Murder Case You are recommended to see the TV-interview with Clarke on the front page: http://www.jameswclarke.net


The report mentioned in professor Clarks e-mail, is the following:

James W. Clarke: The Probable Assassin: A Confidential Report. Prepared for The Commission on the Criminal Investigation into the Assassination of Prime Minister Olof Palme, Stockholm, Sweden, 1998.

You can get more general information about James W. Clarke here:



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