Netflix, Stig Engström and the Olof Palme Murder-case


Netflix has produced a tv-movie about the murder case. It was made public the 3. of November 2021.

Here the so called ‘Skandia Man’ is pointed out as the killer.

The Scandia Building. Olof Palme was killed on the corner of the main street Sveavägen and the lane Tunnelgatan.

The nick name ‘Skandia Man’ is referring to the fact, that he worked for an advertising firm in the very great ‘Skandia Building’ in the central part of Stockholm.

In the press sale material Netflix go all in, as they thought the streaming channel was playing a Texas Hold’em poker game:

“How could the police let him get away despite they were on the track of him?

The murder was not planned from the beginning.

At the same time nearly anyone believed his liers about what he actually did that fateful night in Stockholm”, according to Thomas Petterssons book ‘Den osannolika mördaren”, [The Improbable Murderer] p. 140.

Three strange errors in the text above:

First: The police were not tracking him.

The idea came from the first chief of the investigation, Hans Holmér, who never in his life had been a leader of any murder case at all.

He came from SÄPO, which in some way can be compared to The Secret Service in UK or in the USA.

Lars Jepsson.

He got that idea, which Thomas Pettersson & Netflix later on has taken Copyright on:

Holmér thought it was odd, that a witness, Lars Jepsson was in the street of Luntmakargatan just behind the Skandia Building at the same time, as Stig Engström had runned the spot.

Engsröm ran that short distance to tell the police men, who had run the same was after the killer, because everyone at the murder spot shouted, that “the killer ran in that direction!”.

According to Hans Holmér it “was common known, that gay people had meeting there and had sex with each other.”

Holmér had discovered, that Stig Engström some years before had taken part in a newspaper-enquete, which would prove: “How much man are You?”.

Stig Engstöm liked to do cooking!

The answer in ‘Engströms case’ was, that he also had “female characteristics”:

Among other things he liked to do cooking (SIC!).

According to the Chief of the Olof Palme murder investigation: All cooks are homosexuals!

Hans Holmér.

In his odd phantasy it proved, that Engström was a bi-sexual, and that the two men had made an arrangement about having sex (in minus 6 degree celsius!), but the Palme-murder made it impossible!

Any historian who reads the police-interview with Lars Jepsson the of April 1986 – 11 pages – can see, that it is an interview in the KGB-style:

Everything is turned against him, and there is a rarely hidden undertone of suspicion of ‘gay sex’ in many of the questions.

Because of his crazy phantasies Hans Holm’er did not believe, that Lars Jeppson had been running after the murderer, as he actually did.

Thats why the police ‘gave him a grilling’.

But he is saying the same, as he did 3 times before.

If anyone is doubting this, they can read tre 15 pages of hard interview with him in this protocol.

He is telling the truth.

In that connection it is strange, that Netflix is running precisely in the ass of the ‘dirty minded’ Hans Holmér.

But the explanation is banal:

Money corrupts You, and a whole lots of money corrupts You totally.

Netflix and Thomas Pettersson is not an exception.

Netflix and Thomas Pettersson prove the saying, and they are laughing all the way to the bank.

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