Netflix and the Olof Palme murder case: Antisemitism version 3.0?


In a former section of the Netflix-serie about the Olof Palme murder case vi saw how the American weapon-collector – and married to af Swedish woman – is handing over his revolver to Stig Engström.

LEVIN, the Jew.

His purpose was, that Stig Engström later on shall “kill Olof Palme”.

The real name of the collector was ‘Willy Glaser’, a common Jewish family name. Back in time they have probably been producing glasses.

In the Netflix-serie he is named LEVIN, another typical Jewish name, which go back til the tribe of Levi in The Old Testament.

The manuscript-writer is Thomas Pettersson, and on Wikipedia, he among other things tells the readers, that he as a youngster was “engaged in the left wing movement”.

But I must inform the readers outside of Sweden, that the countrys leftist had great difficulties in distinguish the state of Israel from the Mosaic Church in Sweden.

And they were not alone:

A) The ‘Farmers Party’, to day The Center Party, wrote in the 1930’s:

Jews in Sweden’ anno 1942.

“It is a national task to protect the Swedish tribe against being mixed up with less worthy foreign race-element. (…) To make the people-material stronger is a life issue.”

B) The member of the Nobel Price Committee, Sven Anér wrote to a friend after the Nazis has deported 532 Norwegian Jews to Koncentrationscamps:

“Hitler and his men consider the Jews and their nearrest descendants in mixed marriages as vampires and parasites. (…) I must find these claims and accusations for fully justified.”

C) In the year af 2010 it did not concern the social-democratic Mayor of Malmö, Ilmar Repalu, that the Jewish population in his town fled Malmö because of the violent attacks they experienced nearly every day:

Especially the children when they went to the Orthodox School, or the families, when they went to the synagoge, according the the Docent in political science, Ann-Sofia Dahl.

Bomb attacks

The Synagoge in Malmö.

Both in 2010 an in 2012 the church was attacked by bombs.

When Ilmar Reepalu together with 25 others were nominated to the tittle “World City Mayor”, there was immediately a protest from ‘Simon Wiesenthal Center’ in Los Angeles:

“A Mayor who is not standing guard for all the citys inhabitants, cannot be seen as a role model.”

‘The documentarian’ Thomas Pettersson has written the manuscript for Netflix.

Can it be a coincident, that Glasers Jewish name is replaced with another common Jewish name?

Why not give him one of the most common Swedish family names according to Google?

For instance Hansson, Carlsson or Lindberg?

That is also American names.

Man merkt die Absicht und wird verstimmt.

Anti-semitism version 3.0?

Ulrika Glaser Rydberg.

Willy Glasers daughter Ulrika Glaser Rydberg says to the largest Swedish newspaper, Aftonbladet, the 15. of November, 2020:

“Shall I be allowed to talk shit about anyone and then just call it ‘true crime’?”.

2. The Character assassination of Stig Engström continues

In the finishing end of the Netflix-series we hear how a very drunk Engström is saying:

Stig Engströms sketch.

“I am the most important witness in the Olof Palme murder case.”

It’s an exaggeration, but he was important, as we can se on the sketch he had made of the murderer.

Stig Engström had participated in an evening course in sketching.

Christer Andersson.

If we shall believe the ‘documentarist’ Thomas Pettersson and Netflix, his drawing does not in any way look like the photo, which the Palme-investigators took by Christer Andersson in the year of 1996.

The reason, why it took so long to find him, was a bureaucratic blunder:

The clerk at the weapon registrations office had labelled his Smith & Wesson .357 Magnum as a Smith & Wesson 0.38.

The forensic experts in Sweden, Germany and the USA said the murder weapon was a .357.

In other words:

They did not know, that he had a .357 Magnum.

Lennart Gustafsson.
Lennart Gustafsson.

It was first discovered in 1996, when Lennart Gustaffson from the murder-investigation discovered a telephone-tip, which had not been followed up, but fortunately enough the phone-tip had been registred among the ca. 16.000 documents.

Then Christer Andersson came into the investigation as the primary suspect.

3. Does the character assassination never end?

In the Netflix TV movie we hear how Stig Engström in the courtroom designates the drug addict Christer Pettersson as Olof Palmes killer.

Stig Engström is one the prosecutors witnesses.

But in the real world, he was the defenders witness.

In the far out fictional Netflix World ‘Engström’ is casting the blame on Christer Pettersson, because they looked very much assame. That would keep him out of the case.

Christer P. at the time of the murder.

But did they look a same?

It is up to the reader to decide.

To the left You can see a photo of Christer Pettersson.

It was taken from an apartment across the street of Tegnérgatan 31 in Stockholm around the time of the murder..

A well known drug dealer lived there, and the police wanted to know, who that man – Christer P. – was.

CP att the line-up.

He is obviously very slim, and the reason was, that he mainly was living on ‘funny cigarettes’ and amfetamin.

When the police had the line up with Christer Petterson nearly two years later, he came directly from the prison cell and had been eating well.

And again:

Does Christer Pettersson anno 1986, and Christer Pettersson in the late 1987 have a stomach very much like Christer Andersson above to the right?

“An emotional psykopat…”

Jan Olsson.

The criminal investigator Jan Olsson, who together with Dr. Med. in psychiatry, Ulf Åsgård, made The Offender Profile, has met with Christer Andersson.

Jan Olssons description of him:

“The man, who did the shooting, can today be socially adapted in the society and can live without any feeling af guilt. An emotional cold psykopat.”

But not according to Netflix and the scriptwriter Thomas Pettersson.

Thomas Pettersson.

Why is it so? Has he met Christer Andersson?


Is Thomas Pettersson stupid?

May be.

Or mentally lazy?

May be.

Or shall we say – as in many murder cases:

“Follow the money”?

Follow the money: Netflix and Thomas Pettersson can laugh all the way to the bank.

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